About Us

Hi! My name is Susan Hunter and I am a dedicated personal wedding stylist. It is with my vision and passion I ensure that all finishing touches for ‘YOUR SPECIAL DAY’ are delivered to perfection.

I set up Sweetspaces on the back of always being the ‘turn to’ person when it came to friends and family members weddings over the years.

I am a naturally creative person with a keen eye for staging and styling and with my background being in that of Interior Design these are skills that assist me with offering a successful service delivering unique, individual personal wedding styling to meet each and every couples aspirations and dreams for their 'SPECIAL DAY'.

It's with my intent to remove some if not a lot of the stresses caused with the over-all implementation of the finalisations creating that extra special personal touch. I feel I’ve had the privilege to witness special moments between couples, their families and friends which have left me feeling very humble, but happy to have had the opportunity to not just share these moments but to have been involved implementing my services making a difference.

Our Special Day

Our Magical Day

After receiving many lovely compliments at that of my own wedding on how I’d highlighted the importance of personal touches to make our special day perfect to us it seemed fitting for me to want to reach out and assist others in being able to create the same. I have gone on to build a success with Sweetspaces with many happy couples receiving personal touches that represent them.